Research and Consulting

I'm a research, strategy, growth and ONLINE COMMUNITY building professional with background in public policy & international relations. I'm interested in open source technology, TECHNOLOGY FOR SOCIAL IMPACT, ICT4D and critical MEDIA THEORY. FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS I’VE BEEN WORKING TO BRING THE WEB 3.0 PARADIGM INTO REALITY. I'm a big picture thinker experienced in driving strategic partnerships. 

I currently work at Epicenter, a leading podcast on blockchain and decentralization technologies. MOsT REceNTLY I WAS LOOKING FOR THE BEST OPEN SOURCE BLOCKCHAIN PROJECTS TO ACCELERATE AT STATUS INCUBATE.

OTHER ORGANIZATIONS and PROJECTS I WORKED WITH INCLUDE: GITTER, SOUNDCLOUD, UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME, GLOBAL PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE aND GOOGLE. I'm an active supporter of local and international tech for good projects and organizations - including Gaza Sky Geeks, RAILS GIRLS BERLIN, BERLIN GEEKETTES, and Let's Integrate, a social enterprise platform connecting refugees and locals in Germany.



SAY HI: ola dot kohut at gmail dot com